Welcome to Elite Mobile Units!

Our mission is to build and deploy state of the art Mobile Units for cryptocurrency mining at a significantly reduced cost.

Our form factor is dense, highly efficient, and is turn-key. We simplify the time-consuming and expensive process of procuring and building mining farms.

Whether it’s to take advantage of cyclical energy production loss/waste, flare gas, self-generation of any type, or energy where prices are favorable, our Mobile Units are way ahead of the curve.

  • Vertical integration
  • Liquid immersion (proprietary modular water cooling systems)
  • Everything built in-house
  • Cost reduction: 30-60%
  • Turnaround time reduction: 30-80%
  • Profit increase: 30-50%

How we work

R&D Committee consistently discovers and improves on existing designs, developments, and fabrication products.
In-House Fabrication & Construction Division executes building of the infrastructure.
Our team makes all of our Mobile Units from scratch. We maintain the highest quality standards building in the USA.
We are able to capitalize on remote areas around the world with fast turnaround times. Turning energy into direct profits.

Our strengths

Quick Turnaround

We are able to build a 1MW unit with a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks.

Keep Your Stuff

We design our systems so a unit can be moved without semi-trucks or logistics of CDL drivers. Truly mobile, truly module.

Custom Modular Cooling Solutions

Our custom modular cooling solutions have no known competition. Energy consumption reduced by > 90% compared to traditional dry cooling.

Price Point

Best price point for an all-in turnkey immersion cooling mining solution in the industry. Build a larger mining farm and increase your revenues!

The EMU Advantage — The Numbers

250K USD

per 1 MW of deployment

Simply hook up to your transformer and start mining after initial setup. Complete remote management, redundancy, and the ultimate modular cooling solutions.


Increased profit margins

Over traditional mining farms, when considering significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Then add efficiency improvements.

4-8 weeks

Turnaround time, best in the sector

Mining evolves quickly, your farm should be able to as well. Expand your operations in weeks rather than months or years.


Reduction in CAPEX costs

Allowing you to spend more cash on more miners or critical infrastructure. Build a bigger / smarter / more profitable farm with the same CAPEX.


Our units differ by the energy capacity but offer the same features, materials, and build quality.

0.5 MW

Total cost: $130,000
Reservation deposit: 25%

Elite Cooling Package
(Add $13,000)

1 MW

Total cost: $260,000
Reservation deposit: 25%

Elite Cooling Package
(Add $26,000)

2 MW

Total cost: $500,000
Reservation deposit: 25%

Elite Cooling Package
(Add $50,000)

4 MW

Total cost:
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Elite Cooling Package
(Add $100,000)

Shipping not included

Order / Contact

If you have questions or if you are ready to book your unit and make a deposit, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our schedule is busy, so it makes sense to book your time slot as early as possible.
If you choose any order option, you will be provided with deposit payment instructions.

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