Mine Crypto Anytime, Anywhere

Elite Mobile Units are the first plug-and-play mobile mining units. Mine Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional air-cooled or first-generation immersion. Plus, help save the planet — and your miners — in the process.

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The EMU Advantage

Vertical Integration for Best Prices, Quality & Efficiency

EMU is a subsidiary of Elite Mining Inc (EMI), a green crypto mining leader based in Wyoming & Washington state. When you use an EMU, you get access and use of EMI’s latest innovations and technologies.

Turnkey Solution

We build dense, highly efficient units designed to meet your mining goals. They come ready to plug in and mine!

Liquid Cooled Immersion Submerges Machines in Liquid

Take mining efficiency to a whole new level. Liquid cooled immersion tech reduces energy consumption, extends machine lifespan and increases overclocking capability.

Fast Deployment

We simplify the time-consuming and expensive process of procuring and building mining farms. Within 1-2 months, you can be mining crypto with our EMUs.

Truly Mobile, Truly Modular

You can quickly deploy EMUs anywhere. This allows you to easily take advantage of everything from lower energy costs and new innovations to favorable government policies and better weather.